Heart has a larger electromagnetic field and a higher level of intelligence than brain, the electromagnetic field projected by the heart of a horse is five times bigger than the human heart and more stronger than ours, it has the power to directly influences in our own cardiac rhythm, they have what would be called “cardiac coherence” that allows us to increase our levels of regulation, resilience and internal energy.


The horse has marked not only my heart, it has also marked my life, it has influenced the way that  I perceive life, for me this animal represents control and power, adjectives where vulnerability has no place, although it has been an important part of evolution in history of the human being, in my case it has  been the protagonist within my family, the symbolism that I acquired on him, come merely from a human projection of my surroundings, more than some idealized idea or historical fact. This project has meant an exploration about the perception we have about the relationship with animals as society and how this relationship is transferred to the  imagination of each person, in this case, mine, this is my personal imaginary about horses.