Equus Ferus: Anatomy of the Particular Parts


The horse has long been admired for its grace, power and pride. But not only does this creature instil respect and admiration in its human counterparts, it also offers a reflection of those who come into contact with it. Whether calm, peaceful and confident, or nervous and fearful, the horse responds to that wich is presented to it. And so, by taking a closer look at the horse and its temperament, we are reminded of who we are and of that essential connection between all living beings.

Takin as its starting point the studies of the horse anatomy made by Leonardo Da Vinci, Edgar Degas, George Stubbs or Carlo Ruini, my intention is to explore the relationship between man and beast; image, memory miths and symbols.

I am interested in the use of the equine as a symbol of power and evolution throughout history, the control exercised by the human being on him in search of satisfying his interests, reducing the wild potential with the domestication of this animal.






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