The use of electric energy is directly related to the economic position, determined by the area in which we live and the resources we can have access to. The energy generated by humans provides a social status unlike natural light from the Sun which allows us to see everything that our eye has the ability to see and helps us to freely illuminate our own perception of things and life. I am interested in the use of energy as a reflection of the patterns of human behavior, the way this resource is handled, the use that is given to define a space, highlight a property, make a difference with the rest and show social inequality. In this project you can see the use of electric energy that starts with a tradition, (christmas lights in USA) and that is imitated by others countries, I use this as an analogy to the model that starts in a leading country and this is adopted later by other countries. I would like to use some perspective and that is why I take images that NASA has for free use, where I compare the use of light between several countries, these images help me to observe economic and territorial distance between one country and another through the light. Light Year